Student Handbook 2023-2024

Physical Mail and Packages

The campus mailroom is located at Strong Hall, room 115. The operating hours are 12-3:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. The mailroom is not open on weekends.

The mailroom may be closed due to weather, holiday, or College closings as it follows the College holiday schedule.

All incoming packages/mail for students should be addressed to the students’ full names on the student’s college ID. Partial names or nicknames will not be accepted and refused and returned to the sender. The mailing address is: 141 Central Ave., Keuka Park, NY 14478.

Students may receive packages and USPS personal mail; however, the mailroom will not accept any form of business mail for students. Credit cards, credit card statements, billings of any kind, pay stubs, bank statements, licensees, etc. will be refused as this is not the students’ billing permanent address. These items will be refused and returned to the sender. *These items need to be sent to a PO BOX or student’s home address. 141 Central Ave, Keuka Park NY is NOT a residential address nor is a permanent address for a student as it is not the student’s “home address.”

If the student would like to receive business mail, they will need to open a PO Box at the local post office in order to receive such mail or they can have these items sent to their home address. 

Students will receive an email from the College once a package/mail has arrived and is ready for pickup.  In the email, there is a link where the student can fill out a form to have another person pick up that one package for them if they are unable to do so. Students will retrieve mail from Room 115 in Strong Hall (on the first floor, the first door on the left after entering) between 12:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Please have your college ID ready to scan into the system as no mail can be picked up without an ID. Please remember a full name must be on the package in order to process. If the package is not picked up in 7 days, it will be returned as non-deliverable as we do not have the means to store student packages. Students will continue to receive daily reminders as to a package that needs to be retrieved. Please call (315) 279-5233 with any questions.

Medicine/ prescriptions can be delivered to 141 Central Ave with no problem. Any billing from the medicinal company would be returned as it is an invoice. Billing should be mailed to the address that insurance has on file, not 141 Central Ave.

 Any packages delivered that are leaking or already opened will be refused as we have no way of knowing what was ordered or the condition it was in.

No alcohol will be accepted for students.

Any package accepted by the mailroom is the student’s responsibility to retrieve and get back to their living quarters. The mail room is not responsible for perishable items, items that need to be refrigerated, mislabeled items, or any package that was not retrieved by a student in a timely manner.

For any questions/concerns, please call (315) 279-5233 or email Maureen Manning at or Chrissy Deane at