Student Handbook 2023-2024

Fire Safety Policy


  • All members of the College community are expected to observe campus fire regulations. College policy prohibits smoking in any College building. Fire doors in all buildings must remain closed. Compliance with regularly scheduled fire drills is required, which includes but is not limited to the complete evacuation of the building in which there is a drill. Failure to cooperate with evacuation procedures will result in disciplinary sanctions outlined in the Student Code of Community Standards. Tampering with firefighting or fire safety equipment is a crime. Persons who initiate the inappropriate use of such equipment are subject to severe disciplinary action by the College and local law enforcement agencies.

Fire Alarms and Safety

  • Constant vigilance is required to minimize the possibility of fire or hazardous conditions. Flammable liquids for cleaning or heating are not to be used in any College building, unless authorized for use in a controlled setting, such as a laboratory. The burning of candles and incense is prohibited in any College building. Tapestries and all decorations hung on the walls must not interfere with sprinkler heads or any fire-safety equipment. In a building with a sprinkler system, 50% of wall space is permitted to be in use. In a building without a sprinkler system, 10% of wall space is permitted to be in use.
  • Fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers and exit signs installed in college buildings are required by the state and are for the protection of the entire campus community. Become acquainted with the locations of the fire extinguishers and fire alarm pull stations. Tampering with fire safety equipment is a criminal offense. The College does not tolerate under any circumstances the inappropriate use of such equipment. Persons initiating a false alarm, interfering with the operation of the alarm systems, damaging or removing any part of the alarm system, fire extinguishers, or exit signs, unnecessarily discharging a fire extinguisher or starting a fire in any part of a college building are subject to severe disciplinary action by the College and may be turned over to the civil authorities. Campus Safety and the Student Life staff have been directed to strictly enforce all policies pertaining to fire safety.