Student Handbook 2023-2024

Institutional Communication

Email is an official means for communication within Keuka College.

Email Information

Information Technology (IT) will assign all faculty, staff, and students an official College email address. This address will be the one listed in all directories and the one used by the College for official business and communications.

Campus Email Access

The College’s e-mail system can be accessed on- and off-campus through an Internet Service Provider.

Outside Email Service Providers

The College recommends that faculty, staff, and students use the College’s email system. Individuals having their email electronically redirected to another email address do so at their own risk. The College will not be responsible for the handling of e-mail by outside vendors. Redirecting email does not absolve an individual from the responsibilities associated with communication sent to their official e-mail address.

Email as a Method of Communication

The College has the right to communicate with students, faculty, and staff members through email, and the right to expect that those communications will be read in a timely fashion. Students, faculty, and staff members are expected to check their official email address on a frequent basis in order to stay current with College communications.

Emergency Communications

Keuka College is ready if a crisis occurs. The College has established a comprehensive notification system to communicate with students and families in a timely manner. This includes the Nixle alert system, online notifications, television reports, radio messages, and more. Keuka College is dedicated to ensuring an effective, open, and appropriate response.