Student Handbook 2023-2024

Drone, Hoverboard, and Other Motorized Devices Policy

Drone Policy

Keuka College prohibits the use of drones on its property unless special permission has been granted by the Offices of Campus Safety and Marketing & Communications. Permission must also be granted by the Penn Yan Airport and a flight plan must be filed with them.

Hoverboard & Other Motorized Devices Policy

Keuka College has banned hover boards and like devices on campus. Hoverboards, also known as self-balancing motorized scooters and hands-free Segway’s, are not permitted on campus or in any property owned by Keuka College, or at college-sponsored events. Hover boards and other motorized devices will not be allowed in residence halls, apartments, classrooms, or any Keuka College property and at college-sponsored events. Hoverboards and other motorized devices cannot be charged in or outside of any Keuka College owned buildings.

Hoverboards and other motorized devices will be confiscated and disposed of by the Office of Campus Safety.