College Record 2022-2023

Veteran Friendly Policy

Keuka College is a Yellow-Ribbon college and is committed to serving military service members, veterans, spouses, and family members of military personnel. In accordance with the Principles of Excellence for Education Institutions established by the United States Department of Education (E.O. 13607), the College will provide equivalent opportunities to make up any absences, examinations, study, or work requirements for students who miss class due to military service that is less than 30 days. It is the duty of the faculty and administrative officials to exercise the fullest measure of good faith in providing students with such equivalent opportunities to make up any work or examinations missed, with no adverse or prejudicial effects for the student(s). Such measures may include assigning the grade of Incomplete and identifying specific dates for coursework to be completed. If a student’s military service amounts to more than 30 days, the Provost or designee will automatically withdraw the student from all classes. Appropriate documentation of military service will be required by the Provost or designee.