College Record 2022-2023

Educational Studies

The Division of Educational Studies offers multiple majors in the field of Education, Psychology, and Child and Family Studies.


Majors that lead to initial certification for classroom teachers are: Unified Early Childhood with Special Education, Unified Childhood with Special Education, Adolescent Content Area (choice in Social Studies, English, Math, Biology) with optional Adolescent Special Education and Adolescent Generalist. A major in educational background that does not lead to certification is Educational Studies. At the graduate level, the division offers a program that leads to initial and professional certification in Literacy: MS in Literacy B-6, and MS in Literacy 5-12.


Majors in Psychology, Psychology with a concentration in Forensic Psychology, and Psychology with a concentration in Mental Health.

Child and Family Studies

An interdisciplinary major in Child and Family Studies.

Minor programs are offered in Education, Teaching English Abroad, and Psychology.