College Record 2022-2023

Humanities and Fine Arts

As the name implies, the humanities—languages, communication, historical and political analysis, philosophy, and religion—explore those enduring values of our heritage that have sustained and enriched human life in times of crisis and doubt, prosperity and peace. Firmly rooted in our common experience, the humanities examine, define, and relate that experience to the contemporary age. Through knowledge of both the written and spoken word, through a critical awareness of conflicting values, through international and cultural exploration, and through continuous curiosity and pursuit of understanding, the humanities both challenge and welcome us. Course work in the humanities encourages students to express their individual ideas and personalities and to determine how they may succeed creatively in their chosen careers.

The arts—fine and graphic arts, dance, music, and theatre—emphasize the role of creativity in our lives. Course work in these disciplines gives students the opportunity to explore the varied ways in which individuals express themselves artistically. Courses offer historical and theoretical perspectives, as well as practice in artistic techniques and training in particular disciplines, giving students an appreciation of aesthetics.

The Division of Humanities and Fine Arts offers majors in American Sign Language, American Sign Language-English Interpreting, Art and Design, International Studies, Political Science and History, Visual Communication Design, and Writing and Communication Arts.

Minor programs are offered in American Sign Language, Fine Arts, Writing, English, Communication, Peace and Conflict Studies, Political Science and History, Pre-Law, Visual Communication Design, and Spanish Language and Intercultural Studies.