College Record 2022-2023

Student Classroom and Professional Conduct Policy

Faculty at Keuka College acknowledges the obligation to uphold and promote high professional standards. Accordingly, any student whose behavior does not meet professional standards or who fails to demonstrate a fundamental respect for human dignity is subject to review and possible termination from the course or program.

Discriminatory or abusive language, racial or sexual harassment, and/or documented evidence of behavior significantly inconsistent with minimal professional standards constitutes sufficient cause for investigation and censure. Flagrant violations of college regulations are also unacceptable. As developing professionals, students are expected to accept responsibility, to observe deadlines, and to react positively to constructive criticism.

Disruptive behavior in the classroom may be defined as, but not limited to, behavior that obstructs or disrupts the learning environment (e.g., repeated outbursts from a student that disrupts the flow of instruction or prevents concentration on the subject taught, failure to cooperate in maintaining classroom decorum), text messaging, and the continued use of any electronic or other noise or light-emitting device that disturbs others (e.g., disturbing noises from electronic devices).