College Record 2022-2023

Registration and Registration Changes

Matriculated traditional students register for classes using KC Self-Service through the KC Portal. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor ahead of time to ensure that their selections fit their degree program. 

Matriculated students in AOE programs are typically registered for most of their classes by the Registrar's Office. Students may make registration changes through their advisor. Students can view their schedule in KC Self-Service.

Students may not register for classes that overlap. If a student wishes to register for two or more classes that have conflicting meeting times, the student may submit an exception to policy. Exceptions will only be granted if all required signatures are obtained.

Students who wish to fulfill a degree requirement by taking a class outside of Keuka College may do so with prior approval from the Registrar’s Office. Students who wish to take a class outside of Keuka College must submit a Non-Keuka Coursework form found on the Registrar’s Office website. Information on approved consortia partnerships and registration can be found in the catalog.

The Academic Calendar provides specific dates for the following:

  1. Add/Drop Period: The Add/Drop period begins on the first day of class and closes on the sixth day of class for 15-week courses and the third day of class for 7-week courses. Traditional students may add or drop a class on their own through KC Self-Service. If a class requires consent, such as an individualized instruction, a completed Change of Registration form is required with the appropriate approvals. All paperwork must be submitted to the Registrar's Office; otherwise the request will not be processed. Students should be aware when dropping classes, that all institutional, state, and federal aid programs are based on full-time status. Students may not add or drop courses that are two weeks or less in length.
  2. Withdrawal Period: A student may withdraw from a class after the add/drop period but before withdrawal deadline noted in the Academic Calendar. Students who wish to withdraw from a course during the withdraw period must complete a Change of Registration form with the appropriate approvals. The form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office; otherwise the request will not be processed. When a withdrawal has been processed, a grade of W will be applied to the class and show on the student's transcript.

a) Withdrawals from a course after the withdrawal deadline shall be permitted by formal exception and for extenuating circumstances only, e.g., medical, or other problems of a non-academic nature requiring an absence from class and/or the campus. Such withdrawals require an exception to policy form submitted to the Registrar’s Office. For the exception to be granted, all signatures of approval must be obtained.

b) Students who do not formally withdraw from a class that they do not attend, will be issued a grade and will be responsible for all charges incurred.

*Non-attendance or non-participation does not constitute an official drop or withdrawal. Courses that are two weeks or less in length are not eligible for withdraw and must be dropped prior to the start date. For more information on refunds/liability for course drops and withdrawals, please see the Refund Policy.