College Record 2022-2023

Incomplete Policy

An Incomplete “IN” is a temporary grade which may be given at the instructor’s discretion to a student when illness, necessary absence, or other reasons beyond the control of the student prevent completion of course requirements by the end of the academic term. This temporary grade indicates that a student has been granted permission by the instructor to complete work for a course after the end of the semester or term without penalty. To be considered for an incomplete grade, students must meet all criteria noted below and submit all required paperwork to the Registrar’s Office by the grades due date as noted in the Academic Calendar.

 Incomplete grades may be given only in the following circumstances: 

  • The student's work to date is passing; 
  • Attendance has been satisfactory through at least 60% of the term;
  • An illness or other extenuating circumstance legitimately prevents completion of required work by the due date; 
  • Required work may reasonably be completed in an agreed-upon time frame (no longer than 4 weeks beyond final exam week); 
  • The incomplete is not given as a substitute for a failing grade; 
  • The incomplete is not based solely on a student's failure to complete work or as a means of raising his or her grade by doing additional work after the grade report time; 
  • The student, instructor or advisor initiates the requests for an incomplete grade within the last two weeks of the academic term. 

Should the student’s circumstances not meet the above criteria, an appropriate grade must be assigned.

The following provisions for incomplete grades apply: 

  • The Request for Grade of Incomplete form must be completed and signed by the student. When completing the form, the instructor will include a “current '' letter grade for the course, calculated including all incomplete work for the course. If the deadline passes without an updated grade, the transcript will reflect the current letter grade.  An “IN'' may be completed with an instructor designated by the division chair if the original instructor becomes incapacitated or is no longer on campus.
  • For traditional 15-week courses, it is required that all outstanding student work be completed and submitted within four weeks from finals week, and the final grade submitted by the faculty member to the Registrar by the end of the fifth week.
  • For 7-week courses, outstanding work must be completed within two weeks and final grades submitted by the faculty member to the Registrar by the end of the third week.
  • Only under the most extenuating circumstances may an Incomplete be made up more than assigned policy time frame and will require an exception to policy.
  • An Incomplete grade may not be considered passing for purposes of determining academic standing, federal financial aid eligibility, athletic eligibility, or other purposes.