College Record 2022-2023

Course Grade Appeal Policy

Students who perceive that a final grade was miscalculated, unfair, or capriciously assigned should inform the instructor in writing of the specific complaint within ten (10) business days of the end of the term. If the issue remains unresolved, the student should inform the Division Chair in writing of the complaint.

The student’s letter of complaint should contain:

  1. Date
  2. Student’s name
  3. Course name, number, and section
  4. Instructor’s name
  5. Grade received
  6. Evidence and documentation for grade dispute*

* Note regarding evidence for grade dispute: it is very important that the evidence is presented clearly. The student should present only the facts. If the student has negative comments about the instructor of the class, this is not the appropriate place to share those thoughts. Likewise, exaggerated claims that cannot be verified will only hurt the student’s case. Students should remember that a request for a grade appeal is a professional document.

The Division Chair will confer with both parties to mediate a successful resolution. If the matter cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the student and the instructor, the matter is forwarded to the Provost or designee. If the instructor is also the chair of the division, all appeals can be sent directly to the Provost or designee.

With cases determined to warrant further consideration, the Provost or designee will convene the Academic Review Board within ten (10) business days after receiving the student’s appeal. After conducting a thorough hearing and review of the evidence, the Academic Review Board will render a decision and will inform the student in writing, with copies sent to the appropriate faculty member, Division Chairperson, and, if necessary, the Registrar’s Office. All decisions will be made in a reasonable amount of time from receiving the initial complaint.

All changes of assigned grades are subject to a statute of limitations of one year from the end of the term in which the course was completed.