College Record 2019-2020

Educational Studies

This major does not prepare students to become classroom teachers, and does not lead to certification.  Rather, this major provides students with the knowledge and skills to be successful partners in the educational setting. Such settings could be at publishing companies, law firms, businesses, museums, and social service agencies. Instead of concentrating on clinical teaching skills, students focus on an area of interest that relates to the educational setting in which they hope to pursue employment or further study.

The educational studies program is based on three areas of study: the liberal arts core requirements, 30 hours of education coursework, and 15 hours of coursework in the area of interest that relates to the setting in which the student wishes to pursue employment or further study.

Required courses in area of interest

Students choosing this major should select 15 additional hours of course work based on one of the following intended areas in which they would like to work (at least six hours should be at the 300 level): Communication, Technology, Business, Political Systems, History, Science, English, Infants & Toddlers, American Sign Language, Mathematics, Working with Children, or Working with Families.