College Record 2019-2020

Adolescent Education

The adolescent certification program consists of a major in one of the content areas:  adolescent biology, adolescent chemistry, adolescent English, adolescent mathematics, or adolescent social studies.  In addition, candidates take 36 hours of course work in education, which includes information on teaching students from diverse backgrounds, as well as knowledge in pedagogy, development, history, and psychology specific to this level of education.

Requirements for Certification in Adolescent Education

Candidates who wish to qualify for recommendation for initial certification in one of the adolescent education areas in New York state (grades 7-12) must complete the adolescent education major as specified.  They must complete all degree requirements for the major; they must complete one semester of a foreign language or its equivalent (three years of a single language in high school fulfills this requirement); they must complete the required hours of field experience working with students in their area and level of desired certification, and students in a high-needs school; they must complete workshops in mandatory reporting, substance abuse, and violence prevention; and they must complete the required New York state teacher exams. Further details on these examinations are available in the division office. Upon completion of these requirements, students will be eligible for recommendation for certification in grades 7-12.