College Record 2019-2020

Early Childhood/Special Education

The early childhood/special education program is based on three areas of study. The liberal arts core requirements of the College give the future teacher the broad base of knowledge necessary for early childhood education. The required early childhood concentration with an emphasis area provides content necessary for teaching at this level. The early childhood education requirements provide the necessary background knowledge in pedagogy, development, psychology and history specific to this level of education.

Requirements for an Early Childhood/Special Education Teacher Certification

Students who wish to qualify for recommendation for an initial certificate in early childhood/special education school in New York state (birth-grade 2) must complete the early childhood curriculum concentration and select one of eight options for their emphasis: art, American Sign Language, English, family and child studies, global studies, mathematics, Spanish, or science. They must complete all degree requirements for the major; they must complete one semester of a foreign language or its equivalent (one year of a single language in high school fulfills this requirement); they must complete the required hours of field experience working with students in their area and level of desired certification, students with disabilities, and students in a high-needs school; they must complete workshops in mandated reporting and violence prevention; and they must complete the New York state battery of teacher exams. Further details on these examinations are available in the division office.