College Record 2019-2020

General Education Curriculum

A Keuka College education is based on the liberal arts as delivered primarily through our general education program. The general education program is the common educational experience of all Keuka College students, providing them with breadth of knowledge, intellectual skills, and personal dispositions of an educated person.

Complete general education learning goals listed within each general education component.

The General Education requirements are based on a set of student learning goals, which are organized in three categories: Foundational Skills, Breadth of Knowledge, and Dispositions. Every general education course addresses one or more of these student learning goals:

Foundational Skills

Written and Oral Communication

Information Literacy

Experiential Learning


Quantitative and Mathematical


Effective Thinking

Breadth of Knowledge


Community and Society

Cultural Contexts

Physical/Natural World

Self and Individual

Ways of Knowing:

Creativity, Imagination, and Aesthetics

Empirical Investigation

Ethical Inquiry

Reasoning and Analytical Thinking



Experiential Learning


Values and Ethics

Independence and Interdependence

Social and Personal Responsibility

Intellectual Initiative

Global Perspectives