College Record 2019-2020

Adolescent Education: Dual Certification

Candidates seeking recommendation for adolescent certification may also wish to add special education certification. This will allow candidates to earn dual certification in their content area as well as in special education. They can then serve as special education teachers providing the needed services to children with disabilities in their own 7-12 classroom.

In addition to all above requirements for the 7-12 content area program they desire, candidates must also have 6 hours in each of the four content areas (English, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics). Candidates must also successfully complete an additional special education course (EDU 373) and a Special Education Field Period (EDU 392).This will require additional planning and advisement to ensure these requirements are met.

Requirements for Dual Certification in Adolescent & Special Education

Candidates who wish to qualify for recommendation for initial dual certification in adolescent and special education in New York state (grades 7-12) must complete the adolescent & special education curriculum major as outlined above.  They must complete all degree requirements for the major; they must complete one semester of a foreign language or its equivalent (three years of a single language in high school fulfills this requirement); they must complete the required hours of field experience working with students in their area and level of desired certification, students with disabilities, and students in a high-needs school; they must complete workshops in mandated reporting, substance abuse, and violence prevention; and they must complete the required New York state teacher exams.  Further details on these examinations are available in the division office.  Teacher candidates must apply for New York State certification through