College Record 2023-2024

Visual Communication Design

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication Design prepares students for communication in a multidisciplinary world. In particular, students will develop design, communication, and writing skills needed in graphic design and illustration to create and promote their work. Students develop technical understanding and design skills in the organization of imagery, typography, and information design, communicating in two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. Students produce work for print, motion, video, screen displays, and interactive experiences while considering marketing and target audiences.

Students graduating with a degree in Visual Communication Design will meet the following program outcomes:

  1. Understand how language and art shape and influence our world in response to diverse social, cultural, historical, and technological factors.
  2. Analyze and create material, visual, and digital texts for audience, purpose, and context.
  3. Synthesize the terminology, history and major traditions, genres, theory and principles of visual communication design.
  4. Apply creative and conceptual skills and principles of visual communication design for problem solving.
  5. Demonstrate mastery of communication across disciplines, build leadership skills, and work collaboratively to foster interdisciplinary curiosity, creativity, and citizenship.