College Record 2023-2024

Education and Psychology

The Division offers multiple majors in the field of Education and Psychology.


Majors that lead to initial certification for classroom teachers are: Unified Early Childhood with Special Education, Unified Childhood with Special Education, Adolescent Content Area (choice in Social Studies, English, Math, Biology) with optional Adolescent Special Education and Adolescent Generalist. A major in educational background that does not lead to certification is Educational Studies. At the graduate level, the division offers a program that leads to initial and professional certification in Literacy: MS in Literacy B-6, and MS in Literacy 5-12. 


A major in Psychology leads to a broad psychology-based knowledge of human behavior. It is suitable as a stepping stone for pursuit of graduate education and a more specialized career in many of the licensed fields and professions. The psychology major offers 4 focused pathways students can choose from via coursework selection: clinical, family and school, forensic and health psychology. 
Minor programs are offered in Education, Teaching English Abroad, Child and Family Studies, and Clinical Psychology.