College Record 2022-2023

Political Science and History

With an emphasis on the historical and political developments in America, Europe, Asia, and international relations, the Political Science and History Program trains students for future careers in public service, policy analysis, historical research, law, education, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, political advocacy, and the private sector. It also provides students with a solid foundation for law school and graduate programs in the humanities and social sciences. Through courses built broadly on gaining historical and political knowledge, communication and analytical tools, and critical thinking and reasoning skills, students will be prepared for a variety of academic, professional, and career paths. Majors can also take an active part in learning, networking, and career preparation through the Political Science, History, and Pre-law Club, internships with the Albany Legislative program and Strategic Systems Program of the United States Navy, study abroad programs, as well as other Field Period® opportunities at the local, state, and federal levels.  Students graduating with a degree in Political Science and History will meet the following program outcomes:

  1. Understand how language shapes and influences our world in response to diverse social, cultural, historical, and technological factors.
  2. Analyze and create material, visual, and digital texts for audience, purpose, and context.
  3. Synthesize the terminology, history and major traditions, genres, ethics, theory, principles and methodologies of political science and history.
  4. Apply research and conceptual skills and principles of political science and history for problem solving.
  5. Demonstrate mastery of communication across disciplines, build leadership skills, and work collaboratively to foster interdisciplinary curiosity, creativity, and citizenship.