College Record 2020-2021

Political Science and History

The program in political science and history emphasizes an understanding of the foundations of Western civilization and the principles of democratic citizenship, especially as they relate to the development of governments throughout the world, the interaction between Western and non-Western values, and law and politics in a rapidly changing and interdependent global environment. Students graduate well-prepared for graduate study or law school, as well as employment in areas of public service, historical research, policy analysis, government relations, human rights, political advocacy, and the private sector. Students are given analytical tools and provided in- depth knowledge across the faculty’s diverse areas of expertise, which include Europe and the world, East Asian politics and society, early American history and the presidency, American law, politics, and policy, and international relations and globalization. Students are encouraged to participate in the Political Science, History, and Pre-law Club, the Washington Semester program, the New York State Assembly intern program, local, state, or federal internships, academic study abroad, and group Field Periods led by faculty members in the program.