College Record 2020-2021

Child and Family Studies

The child and family studies degree program is based on an interdisciplinary focus investigating the development of children and families. Academic learning is centered on three tenants: 1) A comprehensive understanding of the theories in the field of child and family studies, including lifespan theory from pre-birth through death and family systems theory. 2) An understanding of the challenges facing children and families across social, cultural and, contextual settings. 3) An intensive focus on professional development through Field Work developing research and applied skills centered on promoting strengths, resiliency, and fostering healthy children and families.

Through the exploration of child development, the sociology of parents and families, and influential social and cultural practices, the child and family studies program is a true interdisciplinary major. The degree program strengthens understanding of family functioning and dynamics, and examines ethical questions and issues relating to the family and other social institutions.

Child and family studies students may pursue many occupations working with children and families including early childhood education, social services, mental health agencies, youth programs. Students will also pursue advanced degree programs in social work, psychology, marriage and family therapy, family law, or child and family studies.