College Record 2020-2021

Business and Management

The mission of Keuka College’s Division of Business and Management is the preparation of its students for leadership roles in a wide-range of domestic and global organizational environments. In each of our traditional and non-traditional programs we create a unique educational experience that combines a solid liberal arts foundation for learning and critical thinking skills, a proactive program of experiential opportunities and related co-curricular activities, and a solid professional foundation in each of the critical business disciplines, all of which are rooted in ethics and integrity.

We focus on the skills and knowledge that will set students apart, while positioning them for success after graduation. Our curriculum combines critical thinking skills, real world experience, and a solid integration of international business. All faculty instructors highlight current business practices and bring top-notch business professionals into the classroom to share real-world problems and solutions.

The Field Period® is Keuka College’s signature experiential learning method of ensuring that students can put into practice many of the theories and skills that they are learning through their coursework. These four practical experiences that students undertake while at Keuka College help to develop an extremely rich and beneficial network of useful contacts that students can tap into upon graduation. Students will build a resume of experiences while still in college.


The accounting major provides a career-oriented educational opportunity with a firm foundation in the liberal arts and a current body of knowledge in business and economics. This major offers the necessary preparation for a wide range of business and accounting environments, or for admission into graduate school. Keuka College’s accounting program has an articulation agreement with the masters in accounting programs at SUNY Geneseo and Syracuse University, the CPA track MBA program at SUNY Oswego, and the MBA accounting programs at Clarkson University, Niagara University, RIT, and St. John Fisher, which are all registered by the New York State Department of Education as licensure-qualifying. Similar agreements with other graduate programs are being planned. Graduates of these programs meet the educational requirements for admission to the public accountancy licensing examination.

Esports Management

Keuka College’s Bachelor of Science in Esports Management major is for students who are interested in careers in the Esports industry. Career options may include team management, event management, organizational management,  Esports programming, Esports operations, business development, and production management. The degree will provide a foundational education to prepare for either the professional or collegiate Esports industries. 


The marketing major offers general study in a variety of marketing-related areas. It prepares students to be effective problem-solvers in an ever-changing, competitive marketplace. This major, in conjunction with the Keuka College Field Period® program, provides students with the education and experience necessary for pursuing marketing careers in the areas of advertising, public relations, marketing research, retail marketing, professional sales, and general marketing management.

Organizational Management - Adult and Online Education

The Organizational Management major is designed to serve the educational needs of full-time working adults with previous college experience who wish to complete their baccalaureate degrees. The Organizational Management curriculum enhances the knowledge and skills of individuals in the business workplace by introducing them to the latest theories and principles in management, leadership, marketing, human resources, finance, accounting, organizational communication, and organizational dynamics. The curriculum also brings perspectives from the humanities and social and behavioral sciences to bear on the topics examined. The program culminates in the development of a small business plan that synthesizes learning from previous courses. Students use their workplace as a living laboratory in which to apply and test classroom learning. Faculty will expect students to be active learners who draw on their daily workplace experience to enrich classroom discussion.

MS in Management

The Division of Business and Management also offers a Masters of Science in Management degree with a strong international business emphasis. This program is offered in both an online format or a one-year face-to-face on campus format. The Master of Science degree in Management at Keuka College is designed for individuals in the public and private sectors who want to improve their managerial skills and advance in their careers. Students undertake a capstone business simulation and develop a business plan as part of their studies.

Instruction within the Division of Business and Management will include the following:

  • Numerous team-building experiences, which will provide skills that elevate the effectiveness of student interactions with others.
  • Projects and activities that strengthen communication and presentation skills.
  • Visits to business and industry locations to witness first-hand how successful organizations operate.
  • Professionally qualified and experienced faculty who are accessible and invested in the success of students.
  • Small class sizes, taught by full-time faculty and not teacher assistants.
  • Numerous guest speakers with strong subject matter expertise that can inject and reinforce real-world applicability into the classroom.