College Record 2021-2022


Digital Marketing

Keuka College's major in Digital Marketing offers students the cutting-edge skills in an increasingly in-demand field. 

The world continues to become more connected than ever before.  The digital economy is now embedded in every corner of our lives and will continue to grow especially post-COVID.  This digital revolution has had a profound influence on marketing by impacting all aspects of communication, making digital technologies and channels the most efficient and cost-effective way for marketers to reach target audiences, leading to the emergence of digital marketing.  Digital marketing focuses on achieving marketing objectives through the integration of ever-evolving digital technologies with traditional marketing methods to reach target consumers.

This increased focus on digital marketing has unearthed profound skill gaps in the current market for digitally-skilled talent, which in turn has provided fertile ground for teaching opportunities.  The demand for digital marketing experience will only continue to grow as more businesses heavily invest in digital marketing technology and know-how.  Currently the demand outweighs the supply, making this an opportune time to learn these valuable skills.  In fact, digital marketing skills have now become a prerequisite for any new marketers entering the industry, so it has gone from a nice-to-have to a must-have skill set.

This degree program uniquely integrates traditional marketing theory with all facets of digital marketing including marketing research & data analytics, SEO/SEM, content marketing, social media marketing and digital marketing strategy, while also incorporating user experience (UX) and design including video production, digital photography and graphic, web-based and interactive design. Students will learn all of the imperative skills that are essential in obtaining a real-world marketing job.  


The marketing major offers general study in a variety of marketing-related areas. It prepares students to be effective problem-solvers in an ever-changing, competitive marketplace. This major, in conjunction with the Keuka College Field Period® program, provides students with the education and experience necessary for pursuing marketing careers in the areas of advertising, public relations, marketing research, retail marketing, professional sales, and general marketing management.