College Record 2019-2020

Communication Studies

The Communication Studies program offers a major and minor in Communication Studies. Students majoring in Communication Studies may choose to focus their studies on organizational communication or digital media.  The program offers numerous courses with a particular emphasis on digital media and design and also integrates business and marketing coursework.  This program is designed to provide a career-oriented, interdisciplinary educational opportunity based in the liberal arts, with strong coverage of communication theory and practice, business, marketing and digital media skills.

The major prepares students for employment in a wide range of communication positions in the corporate and nonprofit sectors, and for admission to graduate programs.

Students in the major develop teamwork, leadership and digital media skills, understanding of business and marketing principles and appreciation of English language and literature. They learn to identify problems and develop problem-solving strategies to plan and carry out projects that meet employers' communication needs. The program’s emphasis on experiential learning and the required senior practicum give graduates the head start they need for success in a highly competitive job market or admission to graduate school.

Students graduating with a degree in Communication Studies will meet the following learning goals:

Goal 1:  Demonstrate competency at speaking effectively

Goal 2:  Demonstrate understanding of principles and skills of effective work groups

Goal 3:  Identify problems and develop strategies to meet needs

Goal 4:  Demonstrate proficiency at writing and document design

Goal 5:  Demonstrate understanding of communication theory and activities 

Honors in communication may be earned by students who meet the following criteria: (1) maintain a GPA of 3.67 in courses required for the organizational communication major; (2) receive at least an A- in the capstone course, COM 401 Senior Practicum in Communication; and (3) be approved by the communication studies faculty.