College Record 2021-2022

Field Period®

Keuka College Field Period® provides students the opportunity to link academic learning with hands-on experiences. This integration and synthesis of theoretical and applied learning provides a rich, real-world laboratory for student growth and learning. Through Field Period® experiences, students can test academic principles, investigate diverse environments or cultures, raise awareness of social responsibilities, explore and develop career possibilities, enhance their cultural understanding of the world, and grow personally. Field Period® helps students become active, self-directed, and, ultimately, lifelong learners.

Field Period® experiences are a minimum of 140-hour experiences done each year by all students, typically scheduled during the January term and/or during the summer term. They involve self-initiated placement, an intensive experience, and multi-faceted evaluation. The faculty supports and works closely with students in planning, preparation, and evaluation of Field Period®. It is ultimately the student, however, who is responsible for the success of the Field Period® experience.

Through Field Period® , opportunities exist for individual or group placements, career exploration or development, service learning, cross-cultural/diversity exploration, spiritual exploration, and personal growth. Field Period® experiences have been accomplished in small and large organizations, rural and metropolitan areas, from New York to Israel to Russia, from Latin America to London. Field Period® opens the world to Keuka College students. Field Period® can be a paid or non-paid experience.

College policy requires students to complete one Field Period® for every 30 Keuka College credit hours. The maximum amount of Field Periods® that may be taken is four. Students with an A.A. or A.S. degree usually are only required to complete two Field Periods®. The number of Field Periods® required for transfer students will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Registrar, based on the number of credits accepted and applied toward the baccalaureate degree. In these instances, students may have a certain amount of general Field Periods waived. Major and minor Field Period® requirements cannot be waived.

Adult and Online students are required to complete one experiential learning requirement as dictated by their program.

Some major programs may require students to complete several Field Period® experiences within the discipline. Registration, requirements for credit and grading, and suggestions for an enhanced learning experience are located in Handshake, a database of opportunities for students, alumni and employers. It also houses the Field Period® process, including course proposals, approvals, and evaluations and is accessible through the KC Portal. The Assistant Director of Field Period® and Internships provides orientation sessions on Field Period® and assists students in locating sites through Handshake, web searches, consultations, networking, and hard copy resources.

Field Period® experiences taken during the January and Summer terms are graded on a different schedule than other courses. Grading deadlines for January and Summer Field Periods® can be found in the current Academic Calendar.