College Record 2017-2018

The College

Keuka College is the national leader in experiential, hands-on learning. It is an independent, four-year, coeducational institution located in the heart of New York’s picturesque Finger Lakes region. For more than 125 years, the College has fostered the ideals of the humanistic tradition and a vision of life committed to academic excellence, professional achievement, and service to humanity.

Today, the hallmark of a Keuka College education is the four-week Field Period®, a nationally recognized experiential education program. Required annually of every student, Field Periods collectively represent the central academic experience shared by every Keuka College graduate. The many experiential educational components culminate in a succession of Field Periods that progressively challenge the student to develop, mature, and apply theories previously explored in the classroom.

A rigorous liberal arts core curriculum is the major focus of study during the freshman and sophomore years. The College believes a liberal arts education endows students with an understanding of the human condition, our collective heritage, and our pluralistic and technological society. Classes in the natural and social sciences, humanities, mathematics, and computer science provide a solid, integrated foundation that supports academic expectations encountered in upper-division course work. Whether majoring in one of the College’s professional programs or one of the other disciplines available at the College, Keuka College students come together to exercise their intellectual curiosity, expand their levels of social tolerance, and test their moral convictions in a unique and non-threatening environment.

The faculty takes pride in its ability to simultaneously challenge and reinforce the values and goals students bring to Keuka College. Faculty members also welcome the intellectual stimulation afforded by a diverse, curious, and energetic student body. They confidently encourage, guide, and educate so that upon graduation, students possess the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary for success in a world of increasingly competitive opportunities.