College Record 2023-2024

Terms and Conditions for Receiving Financial Aid

1. To receive federal, state and institutional financial aid, a student must:

a) be a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen,
b) be enrolled in an approved program of study,
c) not be in default on any federal education loan,
d) not owe a refund on any federal grant,
e) use all funds received SOLELY for educational costs attributed to a student’s attendance at Keuka College, and
f) maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the College and displayed in the Keuka College Record. 

2. Decisions on admission of an applicant are based on criteria entirely separate from financial aid considerations.

3. Final decisions concerning a student’s financial aid are dependent upon acceptance and enrollment in the College.

4. If the student is a first-time borrower at Keuka College under the Federal Direct Loan programs, the student must complete entrance counseling and a Master Promissory Note before loan proceeds may be credited to the account.

5. If a student is transferring to Keuka College, the Financial Aid Office will perform a check on the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) to determine if the student received federal funding prior to receiving any federal funds at Keuka.

6. If the student has been selected for verification, funds will not be disbursed until this process has been completed. Keuka College reserves the right to refuse processing of any aide for a prior year once the academic year has ended which is the end of the business day on the last scheduled day of final exams.

7. If the student withdraws before the end of the academic term for which these awards are intended, federal regulations require the student to repay any federal funds received that cannot be reasonably attributed as expenses at Keuka College.

8. The financial aid offer assumes the student will attend full-time. If attending part-time, or if the student drops below full-time attendance before the drop/add period ends, the Financial Aid Office must be notified immediately so financial aid may be adjusted. Certain programs require full-time attendance; others may be pro-rated based on part-time attendance.

9. If a student is receiving financial aid (other than campus employment) that exceeds the costs reflected on the student account in each semester, the student may be entitled to a refund. Keuka College does not process requests for refunds until the drop/add period has concluded.

10. If a student is receiving financial aid that is not reflected in the offer, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office immediately. Federal regulations require Keuka College to consider all resources available to a student. The financial aid eligibility will be recalculated accordingly.

11. Student financial aid is offered on an annual basis. A student must reapply (using the appropriate applications) and fulfill all eligibility requirements each year. Additionally, adherence to all stated deadlines is imperative. Keuka College reserves the right to refuse processing for any funds once the student's enrollment has ended.

12. If the student’s and/or family’s financial situation has changed since completion of the FAFSA, the student should describe in detail those circumstances in writing to the Financial Aid Office by submitting a Financial Aid Appeal.

13. An offer of financial aid is contingent upon receipt of funding from federal, state, and institutional sources. In the event funding from federal or state sources is decreased, Keuka College assumes no responsibility to provide alternative funding.

14. Federal Title IV aid and state financial aid regulations mandate that federal and state aid cannot be awarded for courses that do not count toward a student's academic program (degree-applicable courses). Courses that are not degree-applicable cannot help the student reach full-time status.

15. Financial aid will not cover course repeats if the student successfully completed the course with a grade of "B+" or better.

16. Financial aid will not cover a third attempt of any course. 

17. Courses without billing credits are not considered to be aid eligible and cannot count towards full-time status.

18. Keuka College is required to disclose to students or parents of students who enter into an agreement regarding a Title IV, federal direct loan that the loan will be submitted to NSLDS and accessible by authorized guarantee agencies, lenders, and institutions [HEOA Sec. 489 amended HEA Sec. 485B(d)(4) (20 U.S.C. 1092b) v]. Borrowers may review their NSLDS history and information at any time at or