Student Handbook 2022-2023

Proscribed Conduct

The Keuka College Student Code of Community Standards serves as a vehicle whereby non-academic student conduct matters are resolved in a fair and impartial manner. In addition, this code of community standards seeks to foster and guarantee the pursuit of activities that lead to the development of the student when such activities occur under the auspices of Keuka College.

As this Student Code of Community Standards seeks to foster individual and communal responsibility, it is expected that all students will conduct themselves with appropriate regard and respect for the rights of others and the College. The student conduct process at Keuka College is an administrative process, and not a legal process. Determination of responsibility shall be made on the basis of whether it is more likely than not that the respondent(s) violated the Student Code of Community Standards or College policy.

Depending on the nature of the alleged behavior, the Respondent(s) may be processed through Community Standards or by the Gender and Sex Based Harassment and Sexual Misconduct policy.

Any student found responsible for the following standards is subject to the conduct outcomes outlined in “Policy Process & Procedures” section of the Student Code of Community Standards.

The Student Code of Community Standards is reviewed annually under the direction of the Director of Community Standards & Student Intervention.

Section A - Way of the Wolf
A.1 -- Respect, Appreciation, and Care for diversity in people, culture, beliefs, ideas, practices, and experiences.
A.2 -- Integrity in pursuit of personal and academic excellence.
A.3 -- Social Responsibility and Leadership as a local, national, and global citizen.

Section B - Safety and Student Wellness
B.1 -- Knowingly supplying false information.
B.2 -- Forgery, alteration, or misuse of Keuka College documents, records, or identification.
B.3 -- Disruption, interference, tampering with Keuka College activities, events, or functions.
B.4 -- Unauthorized representation of Keuka College.
B.5 -- Possession or use of keys to College facilities without proper authorization.
B.6 -- Entering Keuka College property or facilities contrary to directives or published policy.
B.7 -- Failure to comply with the directives of Keuka College authorized staff.
B.8 -- Disrespect/verbal abuse.
B.9 -- Lewd or indecent behavior.
B.10 -- Participation in a campus demonstration that disrupts the operations of Keuka College.
B.11 -- Theft (includes all forms of larceny, burglary, robbery, motor vehicle theft, etc.).
B.12 -- Violation of motor vehicle/student vehicle/parking & traffic regulation(s).
B.13 -- Conduct that is in violation of federal, state, or local law.
B.14 -- Possession, use, or distribution of weapons.
B.15 -- Behavior that threatens the security of the College community, buildings, or facilities.
B.16 -- Causing physical harm.
B.17 -- Coercing, detaining, threatening physical harm, endangering the health or safety of any member of campus or the external community.
B.18 -- Threatening, harassing, hazing, bullying, intimidating or seeking to intimidate any member of campus or the external community.
B.19 -- Engaging in behavior which poses a significant interference to campus life.
B.20 -- Vandalism, damage to/destruction of property.
B.21 – Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter.
B.22 -- Negligent Manslaughter.
B.23 -- Aggravated Assault.
B.24 -- Stalking.
B.25 -- Retaliation.

Section C - Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs Policy
Section C.1 - Alcohol Policy
o C.1.1 -- Public Intoxication/Drunkenness.
o C.1.2 -- Alcohol in Public View.
o C.1.3 -- Selling, offering, delivering or supplying alcoholic beverages to persons under 21.
o C.1.4 -- Consumption of alcohol under the legal drinking age.
o C.1.5 -- Possession or acquiring of alcohol under the legal drinking age.
o C.1.6 -- Being in the presence of alcohol while under the legal drinking age.
o C.1.7 -- “Of-Age” consumption of alcohol with person(s) under the legal drinking age present.
o C.1.8 -- Possession of common containers or alcohol paraphernalia.
o C.1.9 -- Participating in drinking games or contests.
o C.1.10 -- Beer or alcohol containers and alcohol-themed decorations that are visible from the window(s) of your living space.
Section C.2 - Tobacco Policy
o C.2.1 -- Smoking or vaping inside any College building or facility.
o C.2.2 -- Smoking or vaping within 50 feet of any College building or facility.
o C.2.3 -- Smoking or vaping inside any College-owned vehicle.
o C.2.4 -- Tobacco-themed decorations that are visible from the window(s) of your living space.
Section C.3 - Other Drugs Policy
o C.3.1 -- Purchase, use, selling, distribution or possession of cannabis, or derivatives of cannabis.
o C.3.2 -- Purchase, use, selling, distribution or possession of narcotics, hallucinogens, synthetic drugs, illegal drugs.
o C.3.3 -- Selling, giving, offering, or distributing prescription drugs.
o C.3.4 -- Manufacturing, selling, giving, offering, or distribution of illegal drugs.
o C.3.5 -- Possession of illegal drug paraphernalia.
o C.3.6 -- Being in the presence of illegal drugs.
o C.3.7 -- Cannabis- or drug-themed decorations that are visible from the window(s) of your living space.

Section D - Information Technology & Communications
D.1 -- Violation of copyright laws, user/network policy, or College computer facilities.

Section E - Fire Safety Policy
E.1 -- Creating a Fire hazard.
E.2 -- Failing to promptly vacate any building when any fire emergency system is activated.
E.3 -- Starting, attempting to start, or tending a fire without appropriate authorization.
E.4 -- Falsely reporting a fire or incendiary device.
E.5 -- Possession, distribution, or use of fireworks, explosives, incendiaries, etc.
E.6 -- Tampering with fire safety equipment.
E.7 -- Arson.

Section F: Gender and Sex-Based Harassment and Sexual Misconduct
F.1 -- Sexual Harassment.
F.2 -- Gender-Based Harassment.
F.3 --  Intimate Partner Violence.
F.3.1 -- Dating Violence.
F.3.2 -- Domestic Violence.
F.4 -- Sexual Assault.
F.4.1 -- Non-Consensual Sexual Intercourse/Rape.
F.4.2 -- Non-Consensual Sexual Contact/Fondling.
F.4.3 -- Statutory Rape.
F.4.4 -- Sexual Assault due to incapacitation.
F.4.4.a -- Alcohol.
F.4.4.b -- Drugs.
F.4.4.c -- Sleep.
F.4.4.d -- Other.
F.4.5 -- Sexual Assault with Force.
F.4.6 -- Sexual Assault with Coercion.
F.5 -- Sexual Exploitation.
F.6 -- Stalking.
F.7 -- Retaliation.

Section G - Residence Halls & Apartments
G.1 -- Violation of the Housing Agreement.
G.2 -- Unauthorized Room Change/Hall/Apartment Transfer.
G.3 -- Student Visitation/Guest Policy.
G.4 -- Occupancy Policy.
G.5 -- Courtesy & Quiet Hours Policy.
G.6 -- Appliance/Prohibited Item Policy.
G.7 -- Solicitation of Goods/Services.
G.8 -- General Uncleanliness.
G.9 -- Pet(s) Policy.
G.10 -- Damage to a common/public area.
G.11 -- Removal of College property from common/public spaces.
G.12 -- Hall Sports.
G.13 -- Window/Roof/Ledge/Exterior Access.

Section H - Community Standards Hearing & Appeal Process Infractions
H.1 -- Failure to comply with the sanctions imposed through the Community Standards process.
H.2 -- Falsification, distortion, or misrepresentation of information in the Community Standards process.
H.3 -- Discouraging or attempting to discourage an individual’s participation in a Community Standards Hearing.
H.4 -- Harassment, intimidation, or attempting to intimidate a Community Standards Administrator or Community Standards Panel member.
H.5 -- Violation of a No Contact Order.

Section I – COVID-19 & Immunization Policies
I.1 -- COVID-Positive Intentional Violations.
I.2 -- Failure to Self-Isolate.
I.3 -- Failure to Quarantine.
I.4 -- Face Mask and Social Distancing Requirements.
I.5 -- Failure to Comply with Immunization Policy.
I.6 -- Failure to Comply with Campus Health Protocols.

Section J : Harassment/Bias Related Offenses
J.1 -- Discriminatory Harassment.
J.1.a. -- Verbal.
J.1.b -- Physical.
J.1.c -- Denies access and or opportunity.
J.1.d -- Other.
J.2 -- Intimidation.
J.2.a -- Verbal.
J.2.b -- Physical.
J.2.c -- Cyber.
J.2.d -- Other.