College Record 2017-2018

Readmission of Former Students

Students in the traditional program who have voluntarily and officially withdrawn from the College must notify the Director of Admissions in writing if they wish to re-enter Keuka. Information regarding academic work completed elsewhere must accompany the request.

Those who have been dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons, or who have been involuntarily withdrawn for medical reasons, must request readmission in writing and must provide supporting information from appropriate academic authorities, employers, or other agencies. These requests must be submitted to the Director of Admissions and are forwarded to the Office of Academic Affairs for a decision.

Traditional students who have withdrawn or have been suspended because of academic deficiencies but who have demonstrated personal and academic maturation may request to be readmitted under Keuka College’s academic “fresh start” policy. Contact the registrar’s office for further information.

Students enrolled in the Center for Professional Studies programs, who have withdrawn from the College but wish to return to active status must do the following:
1. Notify the Center for Professional Studies, Advisement Division, of their desire to return.
2. Clear any account holds.
3. Finish any incompletes.
4. Submit an application and registration form.
5. Make financial arrangements.

CPS students who have been away from the program for one year or more are withdrawn and must complete a new application form when re-entering the program. A change of status form must be completed and submitted with the appropriate fee to reactivate the student’s registration. This process must be completed in order to re-enter the program. Students who arewithdrawn, repeating a course or who take a leave of absence may have to change cohorts, which will also change the anticipated graduation date. Students re-entering the College must abide by the current academic progression policy for their major of study."

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