College Record 2017-2018

Freshman Selection Process

In addition to the required application materials, the admissions committee also looks at recommendations and evidence of participation and leadership in co-curricular activities, special talents, and community involvement. It should be noted that the challenge and scope of a candidate’s secondary school program curriculum are also factors in the decision process. Although not required, applicants are encouraged to submit optional measures (such as SAT/ACT scores) that best represent their talents and aptitudes as outlined in the application.

High school students earning college credits will remain eligible for freshman merit scholarships- there is no limit to the number of college credits a secondary school student can earn prior to graduation from secondary school. The registrar will evaluate all college level courses completed for credit towards their Keuka College degree.

A freshman can earn up to 11 credits post high school graduation as long as they do not accept financial aid from another institution before enrolling at Keuka College and will still be considered for freshman merit scholarships. If they take more than 11 credits then their status would change to transfer and they would no longer be eligible for freshman merit scholarships.

Applicants seeking financial assistance are encouraged to apply as early as possible. An enrollment deposit of $200 is required for students who decide to accept an offer of admission. This deposit ensures a place in the entering class.

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